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A Strong Stomach: Eliminating Nausea and Vomiting for Patients With Cancer

Evolving strategies for the elimination of nausea and vomiting are making treatment more comfortable for many patients with cancer.  Read More

Chaos Theory: Understanding the Genetic Chaos of Soft Tissue Sarcoma

The 50 cancers under the umbrella of soft tissue sarcoma are marked by genetic chaos, and a growing understanding of these mutations may lead to new treatments.  Read More

Moving On: Adult Survivors of Pediatric Cancers Find Answers

Adults who were treated for pediatric cancer during childhood may be more prone to health problems and lasting effects of their treatment. A study at St. Jude is following up with many of these patients.  Read More

Pet Project: Trained Therapy Animals Boost the Moods of Hospitalized Patients With Cancer

Visits from trained therapy animals and their handlers can boost the moods of patients undergoing treatment for cancer. Read More

NBA Legend’s Message to Patients and Survivors of Cancer: Listen to Your Doctors

Basketball MVP and cancer survivor Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sat down with CURE for an interview about his experience battling CML.  Read More

Single File: Living Alone With Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is hard enough, but living alone or with only small children can pose even more challenges. Read More

Planting a Seed: Plant-Based Diets Prove Best for Patients and Survivors

Despite the health benefits many fad diets claim to have, doctors recommend that patients and survivors of cancer should just maintain a diet high in fruits and vegetables while staying active. Read More

Brain Trust: Cutting-Edge Treatments for Glioblastoma on the Rise

New treatments, such as immunotherapy, are continuing to prove successful for patients with glioblastoma, one of the most dangerous cancers. Read More

A Bad Hand: Random Chance May Play a Role in Cancer

Despite a long list of factors that may cause cancer-- from smoking to water bottles-- sometimes the disease strikes by chance, paying no mind to what can be predicted. Read More

New Treatments May Be Worth the Wait in CLL

Watching, waiting and then choosing from a bevy of new treatments can be a good strategy for many with CLL. Read More

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