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Treatments & Services

Stem Cell Transplantation

Thousands of cancer patients undergo stem cell transplants each year, giving them renewed hope for a longer life.

The types of Stem Cell Transplantation that our program offers to patients in the Chicago area include:

  • Autologous Stem Cell Transplant – A method to safely deliver high-dose chemotherapy. Your own stem cells are collected prior to getting chemotherapy and then re-infused after the chemotherapy is completed.
  • Allogeneic Stem Cell  Transplant – A method by which high-dose chemotherapy is delivered and followed by infusion of stem cells from a donor other than yourself.
  • Non-myelobalative/Reduced Intensity Chemotherapy (RIC) Transplant  – A type of allogeneic transplant which uses a modified or reduced dose of chemotherapy.

Types of stem cell donors

  • Related or Sibling Donor
  • Matched Unrelated Donor (MUD)

About the Stem Cell Transplant Program

Patients who choose the Stem Cell Transplant Program at Illinois Cancer Specialists are choosing a team of highly skilled and experienced oncologists, physicians, and other health professionals. Your team is fluent in the most advanced treatment options and technologies available today for those living with cancer and diseases of the blood. Illinois Cancer Specialists is proud to have leaders in stem cell transplantation among its physicians.  Our mission is to offer the best patient care possible.  At Illinois Cancer Specialists, our only care is you.