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The Nose Knows: Can Dogs Be Trained to Sniff Out Cancer?

Scientists are working to harness dogs’ ability to sniff out cancer. Read More

All in the Family: Discussing Screenings and Preventative Surgery for Inherited Cancers

Screening and preventative surgery are common strategies for those with inherited predispositions to cancer.  Read More

By Your Side: Oncology Nurses Provide Care, Inspiration

With help from the ONS Foundation, oncology nurses provide care that merges education with inspiration.  Read More

Right on the Head: JAK Inhibitors May Reverse Hair Loss

JAK inhibitors, used to treat blood and autoimmune disorders, also reverse one type of hair loss.  Read More

Crowdfunding for Cancer Care: A Virtual Safety Net

As the costs of cancer care rise, crowdfunding is helping some patients avoid a financial crash. Read More

Hitting a Nerve: Nerve Damage From Cancer Treatment Can Impair Sexual Function

Nerve and other damage from cancer treatments can impair men’s sexual function, and adjusting can be a challenge. Read More

Getting Your Ducks in a Row When Traveling During Cancer Treatment

‘Snowbirds’ with cancer can still take flight, but planning ahead is crucial. Read More

Developing Methods to Fight Cancer-Related Fatigue

The reasons for fatigue in patients go beyond treatment. Read More

Jim Kelly Kicks Off Cancer Awareness Program

After his diagnosis, NFL Hall of Famer Jim Kelly became an advocate for patients with cancer. Read More

Battling for Benefits: Military Veterans With Cancer Fight for Government-Funded Health Care

For military veterans with cancer, obtaining government-funded health care can constitute a tough fight.  Read More

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